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I have patched the ioUrbanTerror client to dump data about
the player's movements, weapons, spawns, deaths, etc..

Using that data, we can create advanced visualization app-
lications that could enable map makers or clans to hone their

Here are the rudimentary plots I have made so far:

2010.12.29 01:12:40 GMT+8 plot-eagle-vert2.png            cool
2010.12.29 01:12:57 GMT+8 plot-eagle-vert.png             cool
2010.12.29 01:12:35 GMT+8 plot-eagle2.png                 cool
2010.12.19 00:12:25 GMT+8 plot-unknown.png
2010.12.15 11:12:53 GMT+8 plot-specator.png
2010.12.15 10:12:35 GMT+8 plot-subway.png                 cool
2010.12.15 06:12:02 GMT+8 plot-eagle.png                  cool
2010.12.14 09:12:08 GMT+8 plot-abbey-map.jpeg             cool
2010.12.14 09:12:53 GMT+8 plot5.png
2010.12.14 08:12:31 GMT+8 plot4.png
2010.12.14 07:12:45 GMT+8 plot3.png
2010.12.14 07:12:14 GMT+8 plot2.png
2010.12.14 06:12:17 GMT+8 plot.png

In the future I hope to create dynamic 3D visualizations that
allow the viewer to seek through time and tweak what information
is presented to them, and how that information is visualized.

Players looking to hone their game or understand their score
may be interested to discover what their habits are or where
they can find improvement.

Clans can analyze their opening moves in survivor game modes,
or their cover of each other as they sweep through a map.

Map makers could analyze how people are playing their maps
and use that information to improve them.


Line colors indicate which weapon the player is holding, but
I haven't yet figured out which weapons become which colors.
At this stage in my code, they are just numbers which get
mapped to arbitrary colors I picked at random. I think black
is knife and red is the pistol, but those are just guesses.
Gray is certainly the primary weapon.

Green X = Spawn
Red X   = Death!

This is a cool view of the data that shows z instead of y.
You can see the stairs and the cable car in Eagle! All the
hopping in Urban Terror looks very cool from this view :)
You can see the water pretty clearly as well!

This is another angle of plot-eagle-vert using that swaps x
and y. This view really highlights the internal structure of
the castle and shows the water even better than plot-eagle-vert

This was an attempt to see what would happen if I went into
spectator mode and just clicked a few times to see the views
of different players. Clearly we have some work to do for
spectator view :(

This map shows there are still some bugs in my code. You can
see a few spawn indicators that are not where they should

In this picture, I have projected my plot of playing on the
ut4_abbey map onto a really crude image of the map from over-
head. (Taken from the minimap of a screenshot I found in a
Google Images search.)

In the Subway plot I spent all of my time "COLLECTING DATA"
as I told anyone who killed me on tdm.okgam3r.com. The result
is a very beautiful picture of the ut4_subway map, or at least
the parts I was able to stay alive while focusing on touching
all the walls with my character :) This plot also shows even
more spawn errors in my code than the eagle plot.

plot 5
Plot 5 became the Abbey plot. Superimposing the image of the
plot over the map taught me that my current plot code gives
an unintuitive under the map looking up view, rather
than the bird's eye view I want. I still haven't bothered to
correct that. More importantly I learned that my code is not
maintaining the aspect ratio of the data when it scales it
to the target image size I specify. I haven't fixed that,
either. TODO :P

plots 1-3
These plots were done very early in the development of both
the code which extracts data and the code which visualizes
(plots) the data, creating these pictures. They contained a
bug caused by their inability to understand when the player
had died, creating long lines 


Someone from #ioquake3 on Freenode linked me to some cool
work from developers at Micro$oft and the University of
Virginia. Take a look: